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Hello, I’m Joelene!Photo of Joelene Mills

I am a Business Mentor and Empowerment Coach from Alberta, Canada who wants you to follow your dreams.  I help women to create business success and reach their potential. Nearly 20 years ago, I took a risk and started my photography business. That’s when my entrepreneurial journey really unfolded and provided me with so much knowledge and experience. All of which, I want to share with you! I am so excited to help you fulfill to create a thriving online business! I invite you to live your truth, take responsibility & share your gifts with the world! And, I challenge you to get out of your own way so that your dreams can take shape quickly, and you can start replacing your 9-5 income with income from your own online business.  When women come together, it is a powerful thing. So, let’s do this together!

If you are needing a personal touch…

I’ve learned there are two paths to success. You can wing it and figure it out yourself or you can fast track the process with help.

You don’t have to figure it out yourself,  let’s work together, hands-on in your business and apply all of my knowledge so you won’t make the same mistakes I and so many others have made ahead of you.

This is not just a coaching program, it is a life-changing event. It is the exact tool you need, at the right moment it is needed, to finally follow your dreams and become your own boss.

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If you’re looking to start your business…

You’re in the right place, check out Idea to Income!

The 30-Day Business Launch Plan

This 30-day business launch program is designed for you to identify a business idea and develop a business strategy that encourages growth and the freedom you want!

There are four core modules, plus access to a comprehensive library of bonus trainings, to help you develop the skills you will need to build and maintain a sustainable business. With actionable tasks, Idea to Income provides clarity, strategy and a solid plan to take you and your new business to the next level!

I believe that every single woman is fuelled with a passion and the ability to accomplish the incredible.  Together we will create the right momentum and excitement to do just that!

As a small business owner, a mom, and a woman with a strong corporate career – I understand what it is like to chase your entrepreneurial dream because I am still chasing mine.   In the studio classroom, I help hundreds of women (just like you) live their truth and follow their dreams. Inside the classroom, we focus on online business (starting, growing, monetizing), money(mindset, making, having, spending, saving), and personal development (mindset, goal setting, productivity, time management).

If you’re looking to grow your business…

I’m here to help with that as well…

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Inside The Studio Classroom

Behind these digital doors, I will show you how to create a fantastic client experience, build a strong business plan, earn six figures in 6 months, craft an amazing online presence and implement successful marketing strategies.

With actionable tasks, inside the studio, I provide clarity, strategy and solid systems to take you and your business to the next level!

Each course brings you a different call to action for you and your business. Covering different topics, like scaling your business, dealing with toxic clients, monetizing existing programs, and more. You will have instant access to implementation calendars, checklists, resource directories, workbooks, the list goes on and on! Content will vary between sessions and workshops, which are created individually to help you grow your business.

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As an Insider, you will find ways to work smarter and create more balance in your life. Create systems, be more productive and get results so you can build an incredible business.

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