52 Blog Ideas for your business!

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“A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.”

This is one of my favourite quotes, I don’t know who initially said it but I still love it.52 blog ideas for your business

How do you decide on what you are going to blog every week? Me, every Sunday I would spend the entire afternoon and late evening planning out a week’s worth of content. Sundays were always dedicated to blogging, because of this, I had that week of contentment.  It was my Sunday ritual.

Well, not anymore!

I now spend my Sundays with my family doing what families should do on Sundays, just being together. I have to admit, it is kind of great!

Use the checklist to fill your content calendar with 52 awesome blog posts ideas for small business and take back your Sundays. This will give you one blog per week, pre-planned and ready to be written.

  • Your start-up story.
  • Share how you give back.
  • Celebrate your biggest successes.
  • Share your “why”.
  • Share lessons you have learned.
  • List people who inspire you.
  • Share how you “take care of you”.
  • Explain what sets you apart.
  • Make a personal announcement.
  • Tell an inspirational story.
  • Share your opinion.
  • Analyze your favourite quote.
  • Celebrate your team.
  • Debunk and industry myth.
  • Share your favourite tips.
  • Share up-coming industry events.
  • Compare products or services.
  • Share your favourite products.
  • Write a buyers guide.
  • List industry leaders to follow.
  • Answer some FAQs.
  • Tell your industry start-up story.
  • Explain an industry trend.
  • Create a check-list.
  • Share your expertise in the industry.
  • Write a “Did you know?”.
  • List benefits of your products.
  • Thank your customers.
  • Declare business goals.
  • Ask a question for readers to answer.
  • Cultivate community support.
  • Share your favourite trends.
  • Share a testimonial.
  • Create a “How-to”.
  • Review a product you offer.
  • “Must see links” list for your website.
  • Create an infographic.
  • Share your mission statement.
  • Interview a loyal customer.
  • Write a “step-by-step”.
  • Recap an industry event.
  • Share a webinar you are hosting.
  • Showcase a single product.
  • Post a Vlog.
  • Answer FAQs about your business.
  • List your most popular blog posts.
  • Share a tutorial.
  • Compare 2 or more products.
  • List top uses for a product.
  • Share why you’re an expert.
  • Discuss your product guide.
  • Show a “best value” product.


It is time to take back your Sundays and go hang out with your family. To make it even easier for you I have saved the list as a pdf, be sure to sign up, download it, and blog your heart out!

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