A little about me.

After nearly 20 years of running my own business, it was time I took a step back and assessed where I was going for the next twenty years. I took a hard look at what I loved most about my career. I love working with people, creating art, and the excitement of every day being a new adventure. I loved the freedom of being able to be passionate about everything and everyone I met. With all of that and so much more, I learned that what I love most about the career and life I created for myself was helping others.  Helping other women make the transition from thinking they should start a business to successful entrepreneurs.

I crave the energy I feel when working directly with the dreamers, doers and bold entrepreneurs of today. Having a coffee, talking shop, coming up with strategic plans for their business is my favourite thing to do. Watching their success makes my heart smile. I knew, in my soul, this is the new path I was to take,  I had to build The Virtual Studio.

So, join me, I know you are a dreamer. It’s time to be a doer and become a bold and successful entrepreneur!

Let my 18+ years of experience, knowledge, acumen, and creativity help you fulfill your entrepreneurial dream. 

Why work with me, Inside the Virtual Studio?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “What did I get myself into?” or “This was a bad idea, I am not meant to do this.”? I know I did, for almost 10 years that seemed to be my daily mantra. I had mentors to assist me with my craft and products but no one to tell me how to run a company. Looking back, I wish I had someone to hold my hand through all the failures and successes I had encountered on the back end.

it always seems impossible until it is done

A mentor and a community to guide me when I needed it and pick me up when I felt like quitting would have made a big difference in my success. To have been around like-minded women, to celebrate with when I accomplished something or be a shoulder when I felt like I had failed… I believe if I did have that guidance and community, I would have reached my goals and success much sooner than I did.

When I think back to that time, I realize I needed guidance and a solid foundation of support. Now, I do that for hundreds of women. It is incredible to be able to inspire and empower women to transform their business and fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams. I specialize in helping women gain business acumen, create solid systems, map out strategic plans, and help guide them in taking action for success.

Inside The Virtual Studio, you will find monthly training, each focused on a particular topic. Such as; scaling your business, dealing with toxic clients, monetizing existing programs, etc. Within each, you will find implementation calendars, checklists, resource directories, workbooks, the list goes on and on! Content varies between sessions and workshops, which are created individually to help you grow your business.

Take a look inside at some of the courses available – and see for yourself…

Free Training

Get started with these free resources from inside The Virtual Studio.

Business Bootcamps

All Business Bootcamps are a One-and-Done style workbook in pdf format, giving you quick wins and has been created for you to develop and grow your business.


Additional resources for you.

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