Books and Programs for Women in Business

I am a book-lover. All sorts of books, my husband is even planning on turning our dining room into my own personal “library”.  Which is going to be…wait for it…AWESOME! Because, if I am not with a client or family, I am with my next love – a book.

These, in my opinion, are must-read books for women in business wanting to improve their mindset, find inspiration, or get more clarity in their business.

Creating Cash Quickly is my latest eBook to help you through this financial crisis.  Learning to deal with it in real-time is possible. 

Cause and Effect Ebook by Joelene Mills and the Virtual Studio, Books and Programs for Women in Business

Download a copy of my ebook, Cause & Effect, to help you minimize the stress of being a small business owner.

Books and Programs for Women in Business

Books and Programs for Women in Business, everything is figureoutable

An honest, no-nonsense book, which is super refreshing. I do recommend this book to every entrepreneur or big-dreamer. “Everything is Figureoutable” is my new mantra whenever I am hit with a roadblock, big or small. Just saying it to myself has taught me to take a step back and look at issues from a different perspective. oos for women in business

Books and Programs for Women in Business, the chillpreneur

I can really identify with being both lazy AND ambitious. The Chillpreneur has been great for helping me bring them together! It is full of practical advice and I know I will revisit this book again in the future.

books for women in business


Books and Programs for Women in Business, we a manifesto for women everywhere

Not a business-related book but I feel every woman needs to read We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere. It makes you take a hard look at yourself and changes what you see because change comes from within. It is an introduction to self-care, moving on from harmful behaviours, setting boundaries, and so much more, so you can make more of an impact in the world.


books for women in business

The Path Made Clear is nothing short of inspiration and nostalgia, Oprah collected advice and stories from well know pop culture icons that explore the topic of discovering your life’s direction and purpose. This is a book that will inspire, lift your spirits and give you some great insight into your own path.

As an online entrepreneur, my entire business requires online tools. Everything from images, to email marketing and social media scheduling…All sorts of tools and apps – here are my favourites. This page contains a few affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something I may earn a commission. 

Visit this page often because I will be updating it regularly!


Create an online course, launch a monthly membership, sell digital downloads and more. I use Wishlist Member for everything from courses, 1:1 programs and memberships! I love that I have full control over the protection of my content and that it is 100% affordable!

Books and Programs for Women in Business, haute stockAs a business owner, you need images that are both stylish and strategic.

You need photographs that convert casual followers into dream clients + customers, images that capture your audience’s attention, and pictures that reflect the value of your work.

That is why I use Haute Stock for my images. I could take them myself, but I’d rather focus on creating content for you!

If you are looking for just a few, use the link below to get some FREE stock photos from HauteStock:

Free Stock Photos For Your Website

Books and Programs for Women in Business, flodeskFlodesk is so simple and streamlined. Honestly, I struggled with my email marketing until I got my Flodesk account! It is so easy to create workflows, custom emails, segments, and popups that are simple, and easy to operate, AND pretty!

Simply put, Flodesk is easy, I can create a beautiful email in minutes,  with my affiliate link it is super affordable and very easy to customize to your brand.

If you purchase a subscription using this link, you will get 50% off for life!

Books and Programs for Women in Business, tailwind appTailwind is probably best-known as a scheduling tool for Pinterest, but it’s more of an all-in-one marketing toolkit.

I LOVE using Tailwind and use it for both my Pinterest and Instagram scheduling tool.

If you purchase a subscription using this link, we each get a free month!

Books and Programs for Women in Business, canvaFor almost 20 years I have been using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator for designing for my photography business but for TVS – I rely heavily on Canva.

Canva is fantastic for creating any sort of graphics, business document, lead magnets – you name it.  It’s quick and easy, easier to use than Adobe products and a lot more user-friendly for the beginner.


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Books and Programs for Women in Business

Books and Programs for Women in Business