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As an experienced photographer, I started offering mentorship to give up-and-coming photographers the encouragement, information, resources, advice, and to share the know-how I wish I’d had when I started. It was one of my greatest joys to support young artists, who became my friends and help them achieve their goals and start their businesses off right.

Eventually, my new business was born and since then I have been working with hundreds of women. Women in all different types of industries, all ages, and in many different points of their business journey.  Becoming a Business Mentor is one of my proudest achievements.

A mentor is someone who helps you find the confidence you have inside. 

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More Confidence = More Business…

After our time together you will have the confidence, support, and information you need to reach your online business goals. This program is designed to act like water wings, not a lifeboat. My end goal is to empower, teach, and set you up – so that you can start your business on your own and reach your long-term goals.

During our Mentor session, you choose what you want to focus on during our time together. Every session is unique and customizable to your needs and your goals. You determine what topics we cover and what questions you want to ask. I’ve worked with hundreds of mentees and each one has had an individualized experience. You are in the driver’s seat, I am just here to create the map and help you navigate!

There are two Mentorship Programs for us to work together:

60 Minute Mentor Session
one time fee
  • 1 virtual, 60 minute meeting.
  • Follow-up PDF emailed to you with actionable next steps, training material, links to resources discussed in our meeting.
  • Unlimited digital mentoring exchanges via email or Facebook messenger, supporting you for one week following your session.
  • BONUS: FREE 30 Minute bonus session – for each referral that books.

If you’d like more support after one week, we can schedule another session together!

Mentor Sessions Package
over a 4 -8 week period
  • 4 – 60 minute, virtual meetings.
    (1 weekly or bi-weekly session depending on needs)
  • A follow-up email with actionable next steps, training material, links to resources discussed.
  • Personalized Accountability Trello Board
  • Unlimited digital mentoring exchanges via email or Trello Accountability Board:
    supporting you for the duration of the session package.
  • BONUS: FREE 60 Minute bonus session – for each referral that books a Sessions Packate.

    BONUS: Productivity & Time Management Masterclass.

Unsure what you need exactly? Let’s chat to figure it out.

If you’re serious about your business and curious about the idea of working with a mentor, try a free 30-minute call with Joelene to get an idea of what working with her is all about.

Joelene will answer any and as many questions, you have about your business, and share every idea and resource she’s curated and created as a coach to help solve your problem.

It really is a free personal support session, so there’s no pitch or pressure to commit.

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Business Mentor Joelene Mills