Community Questions Will Point You to Passive Income Ideas

Passive Income Challenge Day 27.
Ask Your Community Questions

When you build a community of people who like to participate in your groups and comment on your posts, you can get new ideas automatically. In fact, your audience will think you’re reading their mind when you create new products or recommend someone else’s products, based on their questions and conversations.

You can encourage questions by starting discussions, conducting polls, and sending surveys to your audience. When you open two-way communication with your audience, they’ll start being more open to tell you and even request products that they need and want for their use. But even without doing that, you can find questions and discussions now online to get ideas.

Questions From Anywhere

Anytime someone sends you a question, that question is an opportunity to either create a new product that solves that question or to point them to a product that has already been created that answers that question.

Online Discussions

Start and participate in Facebook Groups with people who are your audience. Pay attention to their questions and discussions. These are great ideas for product creation ideas or another way to recommend someone’s product or service that fits with their question that you earn a commission.

Product Questions

Even product questions can help you create better products, add-on products, as well as recommend other people’s products. For example, if someone buys a product from you and then their question shows that they don’t understand the basics of something they should know, you can send them to a beginner’s course that you have or that someone else has.

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Turn Questions into a FAQ Page

When you get questions, you can send the questioner the answer directly but use that question to add to your FAQ. In your FAQ, always put links to the products or services that can help them if it’s part of the answer. Use your affiliate links too.

Make a New Information Product

Many questions need very in-depth answers, if that’s the case, it’s an opportunity for you to create a brand-new information product that can be used to sell or even offer as a freebie.

Search for Products

You should stay plugged into your niche so that you can find important products that have already been created for your audience. Subscribe to people who serve your audience and join their affiliate programs so that you can be one of the first ones to recommend products to your audience.

When you pay attention to all the conversions going on about your niche, you’re going to get more ideas than you can implement yourself. For that reason, be part of the community that creates complementary products to yours so that you can share each other’s products as affiliates and your audience will be thrilled and think you can read their mind.

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Ask Your Community Questions