Content Repurpose Masterclass FREE for Insiders!

Content Repurpose Masterclass

Have you ever taken an inventory of all your blog posts, videos, and other content you’ve created over the years? How many pieces do you think you’ve created, across all formats? If content creation is a part of your marketing plan, then I’m guessing you have numerous pieces taking up space on your hard drive. FREE content repurpose masterclass

Take a quick look in your hard drive, your blog dashboard, all your social media platforms, your YouTube channel, and any other private storage places you have, such as Vimeo, Amazon S3, or Dropbox. If you’re surprised at the number of content pieces, then you’ll want to take part in the Content Repurposing Masterclass”. I am hosting the masterclass Tuesday, for free, to all followers of the TVS Facebook Page!

In this masterclass, I will walk you step by step how to take all this original content and repurpose it into something brand new that your audience will love. You’ve already done the hard work by creating the content, now we’re going to tweak it and find a new use for it.

woman's desk with water bottle, and notebook for the Content Repurpose Masterclass with her laptop FREE MASTERCLASSBecause this is going to be hosted on the Facebook Page, this is the one and only time to access this masterclass for free.

So, join me Tuesday, September 29, 2020, at noon MDT! A room will be set up inside the group and we will start promptly at 12 pm! I’m willing to bet you’ll be surprised at how much content you can repurpose and work back into your marketing and sales plans.


Here’s to your success, I hope to see you there!

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ontent Repurpose Masterclass FREE for TVS Insiders!