Your Website is the Cornerstone of Your Passive Income

Passive Income Challenge Day 15.
The Cornerstone of Your Passive Income

You may have heard it before, but it needs to be repeated. Your website should be the center of your business. It’s your home base. It’s where all content should begin so that you can attract your customers and ultimately it should lead to them getting on your email list or becoming a customer and getting on your email list. You can turn your website into a cornerstone of passive income if you plan it right, without taking away from your main objective.

Let’s look at some ways you can add income-producing content to your website without it taking away from your main message.

Review Posts

Any software or product that your clients use or need that you also know a lot about can be turned into a review blog post. A review blog post will explain your impressions of the product along with including a link to the product. It might seem strange, but even if you don’t particularly like the product, if you write a true review and link to it someone may still sign up for the product because it has what they need, and you explained it well.

Resource Pages

This is a page on your site that talks about all the products and services that you yourself use, or that you know your clients need to use. You can list every single one of them on a single page, provide a short blurb about that product or service and the affiliate link. People trust you and will buy from that page.

The Cornerstone of Your Passive Incomepass, cornerstone of your passive incomeThe Cornerstone of Your Passive Income

Lead Pages

You want to collect your visitor’s information and get them on your list whether they buy from you or not. Therefore, the more lead pages you have on your site the better. You can have different pages for different reasons. They can exist within any content you publish as content extras. For example, if you’re talking about something in general, you can create a more specific short report about the topic and link to it via the general content. The link goes to a landing page to collect a name and email and in return, they get the upgrade.

Auto-Responder Sequences

While your autoresponder isn’t on your website, the sign-up form is, and if you’re going to collect email addresses, then you also need content loaded into your autoresponder that is evergreen. You can add more content as you go but try to get a year’s worth of content in the autoresponder – with affiliate links inside – as soon as you can.

If you do these few things, you’ll not only boost your traffic due to having more useful content on your site, but you’ll boost your income without providing a single service. The work you do today creating this information and content for your audience will pay off for a long time to come and build upon itself as you add more.

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The Cornerstone of Your Passive Income