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Business Budgeting

This Masterclass includes a 20-Page workbook, so you can take control of your finances. It is time for you to plan beyond the spreadsheet!

Continued Journey Masterclass The Business Suite
LEVEL: Beginner

Course Description

Having a business budget is essential for any size business. A business budget will help you make stress-free business decisions, such as scaling your business, giving yourself a raise, purchasing additional inventory or assets. It will also tell you if you are heading in the wrong direction, show you where you could be cutting costs and tell help cutting costs and help with putting money where it will have the biggest impact.

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Masterclass Outline

Identify Your Zone of Genius: Dream Life Exercise
Track ALL the Things: Expenses Sheet
Keep a Money Journal: Assets Sheet
Get Real About Your Income: Calculate Your Rate Exercise
Create a Decision-Making System: Needs & Wants Sheet
Plan Your Long Term Goals: Long Term Goals Brainstorm Sheet
Create Your Budget: Budget Creation Sheet
Create Your Vision Board

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Business Budgeting Masterclass, go beyond the spreadsheet. photo of woman's hand putting money into a white piggy bank

The Business Budgeting Masterclass:

0 Lessons

4 Lessons

  1. Change Your Denial Mindset

    Denial won’t get you to that 6-figure milestone; denial will make your business stagnant and possibly repel clients.

  2. Your Past Does NOT Represent Your Future

    As with any problem in life, you alone have the power to change the outcome.

  3. How to Change Your Limiting Beliefs

    The simplest way to change these limiting beliefs is to turn these beliefs into positive truths.

  4. What Happens When You Change Your Mindset

    If you’re sitting watching life pass you by, don’t settle.

2 Lessons

  1. No Matter How Small

    Start by tracking all your business expenses, no matter how small.

  2. Get Organized While Tracking Expenses

    Take the time to organize your financial accounts.

2 Lessons

  1. Keeping Track of Your Assets

    Different from your spreadsheet tracker, a money journal is where you track your assets.

  2. Break Old Habits

    Make a conscious decision that you will take firm control of your business finances.

2 Lessons

  1. Know Your Month-to-Month Income

    Would it shock you to know that many small business owners have no idea what their month-to-month income looks like?

  2. How Much is Your Time Worth?

    Get back to basics and think about how you came up with your pricing.

2 Lessons

  1. Avoid Shiny-Object Syndrome

    Shiny-object syndrome is a real thing and can cause small business owners to overspend on tools and systems they don’t need and won’t use.

  2. Prioritize Your Needs

    Be wary of making purchases too quickly.

3 Lessons

  1. Plan Your Long Term Goals

    No matter how much you love numbers, budgeting is a whole lot more fun when you’re planning a big business expansion (or even better, an epic vacation).

  2. Create a Vision Board

    Vision boards are fantastic tools to focus on what you want in your life.

  3. Live Without Regrets

    Remember to live in the moment.

2 Lessons

  1. Only Spend What You Earn

    Open up your favourite spreadsheet and let’s plug in some numbers!

  2. Should You Pay Yourself First?

    Financial freedom is within reach.

1 Lesson

  1. Action Plan

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