Explore Your Talents and Create a Side Hustle

Have you ever wanted to create a side hustle? 

A side hustle is a way of earning an income doing something you love on the side of what you normally do…as the name states. Generally, it supplements your main source of income and is done when you are off-duty from your main job.

create a side hustle

A Side Hustle can be something you have a special skill set in or a creative outlet that brings you joy. Some ideas might be:

Skill Set Based Side Hustles:

  • Copywriting
  • Creating killer websites
  • Coaching
  • Virtual assistant
  • Car Repair
  • Carpentry

 Creative Outlet Based Side Hustles:

  • Customized sewing projects
  • Interior design
  • Personal Styling
  • Handmade Signs or Tee shirts
  • Typography
  • Metal Work
  • Craft Beer or Wine Making

Creating a side hustle can have a wonderful effect on your bank account and your self-esteem. Bringing in extra money is always a good thing, and a side business may be a way to help you with your taxes.

AND having one can rejuvenate your enthusiasm for work when you may feel burned out with your 9-5. A side hustles can demonstrate proof that there is a need for what service or product you have to offer, and they can wake up your motivation and help you find that sense of purpose, you may have felt was missing.

When you create a side hustle you will also learn new skills you hadn’t anticipated. Taking your hobby or skill to another level requires an understanding of owning a business that you may not have considered. This is always one of the fun and exciting aspects of working a side hustle.

Things like:

  • Marketing
  • Finding Clients
  • Networking outside your circle
  • Creating Products
  • Sales

If a side hustle sounds like just the thing you need to bring in extra income or get excited about sharing your gifts and talents, then explore what those talents are and see if a side hustle can be created from those gifts.

Ask yourself these questions:

Q: Do you have a skill set that others perceive as valuable?
Q: Do you have an aptitude for an aspect of life that others could learn from?
Q: Do you have a gift that is marketable through today’s social media platforms?
Q: Do you have a family tradition, recipe, or artisan skill that can be profitable?

Begin thinking about your skills and hobbies in a whole new way and you may hit on something that is the perfect side hustle – which will bring you more income, more fun, and more ways to express your creativity.

Jump into the TVS Leave the 9-5 Workshop Group and tell us about the side hustle you would like to start!  Or better yet – do you have any other tips you can share? We’d love to hear them!

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Explore Your Talents and Create a Side Hustle

Explore Your Talents and Create a Side Hustle