Creating Auto-Responder Series as a Source of Passive Income

Passive Income Challenge Day 9.
Creating Auto-Responder Series

In every niche, there are products and services that you can recommend that pretty much stay solid for years to come. If you can identify those products and services, then you can create evergreen content around those products and services so that you can promote them on a schedule via autoresponder to each subscriber based on when they subscribed.

When you set up an autoresponder you can set it up in a way that delivers messages on a schedule based on when the person signed up. Using tags, you can also set everything up so that it delivers certain messages to your subscriber on various days. For example, after they get the welcome information, you can schedule that every day a single email goes out in the series to your subscriber.

A subscriber who signed up 30 days ago will be on a different schedule than someone who signed up a week ago. The messages are evergreen, so it doesn’t matter what time of year they are sent out. These messages may last for several years and still seem fresh if you word them right.

If you choose the right content and products, you shouldn’t have to update it that much. If a product goes out of popularity and isn’t working anymore, you can change and edit the emails that promote that product. That way the content and information is still good, you just change the product you recommend.

Here are some examples of evergreen content:

Niche: Life Coach
Email Series Topic: 365 Days of Positive Affirmations

Niche: Keto Diet Support
Email Series Topic: 365 Keto Lunch Recipes

Niche: Money Mindset
Email Series Topic: 365 Days to Retraining Your Money Mindset

Niche: Getting Through Divorce
Email Series Topic: 365 Days to Moving On

Each email doesn’t have to be lengthy. It can be 250 words of solid information that helps your subscriber solve their problems and promote a product or service to them at the same time.

creating auto-responder series passive income challenge

Remember that for the most part, you can break up content to make it fit a year-long series. For example, if you have a lot of content that has several points per article, you can break down those points to one point per email to spread out the information and to make it last longer. You can also break down a book into more than one email too. Use your imagination and think outside the box to create your 365-day evergreen email series. Find five to ten products to promote and spread them out through the emails to monetize your effort.