Creating Info Products as a Source of Passive Income

Passive Income Challenge Day 6.
Creating Info Products

You may not realize it, but information products, known as Info Products, have been around longer than the internet. An info product is simply a way to provide information to the customer about a specific issue, problem, or circulate information. The info product can be any type of medium, such as a book, video, membership site, podcast, the list goes on. It can also be a combination of all the above.

If your audience needs the information, then you should create it. Period. It can be something like “How to Become a Minimalist” or “Lose Weight in 30 Days” or it can be a book about your journey to success with tips for the reader to follow. It can be in a variety of forms, a combination of forms, and if it covers information that your audience wants, it can also be a source of passive income for you.

Here is how to make that happen:

Create the Content

Once you decide what you want to create as an information product then you need to decide how you’ll create it. You can create it yourself, you can get help by hiring someone else to do it for you. You can sift through all of the content you already have and piece it together into one info product. You can even combine several types of information products together, such as a podcast episode with a workbook, and create an amazing info product that everyone in your niche will want.

Get it Up for Sale

Once you’ve created and packaged the product, you’ll want to sell it. The best way to sell it is in a way that you can get affiliates to also promote it and earn a commission on it. It’s a lot cheaper to pay commissions than it is to pay for reaching people on your own via advertisements on social media. If you can attract super-affiliates, that’s going to explode your sales.

Set Up Promotions

You can set up promotions in a passive way. Once you load the information into your autoresponder, into your social media schedule, and get it up on your blog as a post and a page, all you must do is promote it and let others promote it. Then you’ll start raking in the income passively from here on out.

Provide Customer Service

Once you start selling the info product, you will need to provide customer service. You can set up some automation on this process by using a searchable helpdesk and ticketing system. But, you will only have to create that one product one time.

Once it’s set up, providing customer service will be your only role in making money on the sales. If you create a product that is more evergreen content, then it will last a long time and you can almost create an entire business off of one great information product!

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