Day 1 of 30-Day Blogging Challenge

Blogging Challenge

Welcome to Day 1 of 30!

The internet has an insatiable appetite for information. Billions of searches are conducted every single day looking for everything from how to bake an apple pie to why zebras have stripes. For anyone who conducts business online, these searches represent a steady flow of potential customers who are looking for what you have to offer.  You just need to be very clear on what you offer, in order to be able to provide that value.

What you need to know:

Your Ideal Reader

Who is your ideal reader? What does she want? What are her questions? What does she find entertaining? What could help her right now?

Your Position

Your blog should position you as an expert and industry leader. Are you using your voice and personality to establish yourself as an expert?

Blogging ChallengeDefine your goals

What will separate your blog from the rest will be your ability to visualize a direct and coherent vision, with long term aims and strategies. So, be sure to establish your goals and have them tie into your blog’s brand and values.

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Remember: Blogging is not a fast business-growth strategy but it is excellent for long-term sustainability. Those posts you write this month will continue to work for you many years from now, bringing in more and more traffic and potential clients.

Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to read 52 Blog Ideas for your business, who couldn’t use 52 blog ideas?

desk and computer doing the 30 day blogging bootcamp DAY 1 OF 30?

P.S. Do you know someone that would benefit from this 30 Day Blogging Challenge? Send them over to the TVS Workshop to sign up.

Blogging Challenge

Blogging Challenge

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