Dedicate the Time to Growing Your Sources of Passive Income

Passive Income Challenge Day 12.
Dedicate the time.

Now that you are committed to building your passive income, you need to set the intention by setting aside the time to do it. You may have some issues feeling as if you can’t come up with the time to work for free for income that you’re not going to get until later. But, if you start now and set aside a few hours a week to grow your sources of passive income, within a year at the most it will be paying off substantially and you’ll be much more motivated to keep going. For now, you need to rely on intention and scheduling for motivation.

Streamline Your Work

Right now, you may think you have a good schedule, but it’s based on feeling as if you have 8 or even 10 hours a day to work. Figure out ways to streamline your work. Batch tasks and automate what you can and get rid of things that really serve no purpose other than being busy. Sometimes being busy isn’t paying off. Let those things go.

Get Off Social Media

Your social media is important for your business, but you have to be honest and realize when you’re just wasting time and when you’re doing something productive and important. Set times when you can have fun on social media and times for business. Then stick to it. You’ll find if you turn it off and only check email and social media at certain times during the day (no more than three times) you’re going to have much more time in your day.

passive income challenge day 12 dedicate the time.

Work While You Wait

Some types of passive income are really just a matter of sharing affiliate links to your community with your comment about the product or service. You can do that while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office, or in the pick-up line at school. As long as your car is off and stopped, you can work.

Learn to Make Decisions Faster

If you have trouble making decisions, that can take a lot of time. Do you spend hours trying to save five dollars and get the best price on that thing you wanted to buy? What’s the point in that. If you can’t find the savings you want within 10 minutes, just buy it if you need it and want it and now you have more time. Time is something you cannot get back. Money, you can earn more.

Outsource Something

You can outsource some tasks in your business, but you can also outsource tasks at home. Hire a housekeeper, order a meal box, order your groceries. While someone else is spending that hour doing that work, you can spend the hour adding emails to your autoresponder, outlining your next eBook, or creating your own digital product.

The biggest thing is you need to make working on passive income a priority in your day. Schedule it in just like you do your client work. Schedule it in just like you do anything you really want to do. If it’s important, you’ll get it done.

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dedicate the time to growing your passive income

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dedicate the time to growing your passive income

dedicate the time to growing your passive income