Depression and getting stuff done

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Depression and getting stuff done
Doing my own research regarding my own diagnosis of depression and anxiety I came across this amazing Ted Talk from the TEDxPilsenWomen series of talks.

Jessica Gimeno talks about her own struggle and how she created her own strategies on how to get things done when dealing with bouts of depression.

Depression Takes Practice
Jessica Gimeno

I realized while watching, that I didn’t have my own strategies. More often than not, I would find myself in a perpetual state of “I don’t want to.” For example, in the mornings, I don’t want to get out of bed. After a long 15 minute conversation in my head on why I should, I do. Then it moves on to I don’t want to hop in the shower, finally, I am in the shower. Once in the shower, it becomes an inner battle to even get out of the shower. It is warm, safe and soothing – why would I want to leave?

These little bouts of convincing and forcing myself to move forward goes on all day until the one thing I do want to do is go to bed – at this point, there is no need to convince myself to hit the sack, I just climb in. On these days, I would be in bed 3 or more hours earlier than anyone else in the house. It would have been a long and exhausting day just trying to get through the day to day activities of life.

you are not alone. Depression and getting stuff done

Visit to learn more about depression.

In Jessica’s talk, she talks about signs of depression are different for everyone and how you need to know yourself and be able to see the symptoms you can spring into action. The action of being able to do identify what you need when you are dealing with a bout of depression and use it.

Take the next 15 minutes to watch Jessica’s talk then step back and think about your signs and what helps you be proactive in moving forward and being able to get stuff done when an unexpected round of depression decides it is time to visit.

If you are looking for help, think you are dealing with depression, anxiety or any other mental illness please see your doctor or find a crisis centre near you.

Below is a list of numbers organized by province provided by Or visit to learn more about depression.

Saskatchewan     Quebec Ontario     North West Territories, Yukon, Nunavut
Manitoba     East Coast     British Columbia      Alberta

Keep going and do not give up!
Hope never leaves us so don’t let go of it.
Wrap your arms around hope and do not let go.

Depression and getting stuff done

Depression and getting stuff done

2 thoughts on “Depression and getting stuff done

  1. I wish I would have known that there was a way to prep myself each day and challenge the challenging thoughts or have the suport I have now. Great post.❤

    1. Kristianne, I know exactly what you mean. When I first watched this video I was like “Woah, had I only known all these years!”

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