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Free Entrepreneur Essentials Library

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Each month a topic for an interactive Business Challenge is created. Challenges start on the 1st of every month but are available to you at any time, once it has been published.

Once you sign up, each day, you’ll get an email from me with a tip or a strategy designed to help you learn about and take action on the current month’s topic. You only need to sign up for those you are interested in doing.

It’s time to turn your business into the money-generating success you know it should be.

Discover how having a passive income can change your life! Each day, you’ll get an email from me with a tip or a strategy designed to help you learn about the importance of adding passive income streams to your business model.

For this challenge,  learn more about setting up your website and social media accounts for better Search Engine Optimization.

Learn more about The Power of One when it comes to marketing, customer service, and product or service creation. You’re going to learn something that is so powerful that it can explode your reach, your traffic, and income once you start to implement the ideas.

Learn to provide outstanding value to your subscribers, not just repeated offers that do little but line your own pocketbook. Learn to Give readers a reason to look forward to your email, so they open it with anticipation every time it shows up in their inbox, and you’ll soon see your own return on investment improving.

It is already Autumn of 2021! Time has been flying by and we’re already heading into the fourth quarter of the year! It is time to step back and review the progress we’ve made, the goals we have set. Have they been reached? What is in store for the last of 2021?

Learn more about making resolutions and setting goals in a productive way that sets you up for success. Resolutions don’t have to be something you give up on after a few weeks. Instead, learn how to set smart goals and make resolutions that lead to positive, permanent change.

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Executive woman working in her office creating a bouquet of flowers brand clarity and design bundle free resrouces

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90-day goal planner

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