The First 52

The First 52 was created especially for women looking to start a new business or those in business that are looking for the next step.

With weekly, actionable tasks it provides clarity, strategy and a solid plan to take you and your business to the next level!

I believe that every single woman is fuelled with a passion and the ability to accomplish the incredible.  Together we will create the right momentum and excitement to do just that!

The First 52 Weeks of Business with The Virtual Studio

The Experience

You are ready to build your business to new heights. but you have so many things on your plate and are feeling stuck.

You need clarity.
You need a strategy.
You need guidance.
You’ve found it.

The Intention

Running a business can be crazy. There is so much work to put into it, so many things to think about and I am not even going to mention the struggle of doing it while raising a family.

The First 52 Weeks of Business with The Virtual Studio

The First 52 Weeks of Business with The Virtual Studio

The Plan

Creating a Business Blueprint
Choosing a Business Model
Writing Your Business Plan
Creating Your Brand
Website & Blog Design
Develop a Social Media Plan
Create Systems & Strategies
Sales & Marketing


Like baby’s first year, your first year in business can be a new and confusing time. I am sure you have witnessed and heard the horror stories of business failure after business failure. So, obviously, you are researching as much as possible to ensure you and your business is a success.  With article after article telling you that in order to succeed you need a business model, to build a business plan, do a S.W.O.T analysis, create a brand, build a website with optimized SEO… The list goes on and on, yet, you still feel somewhat lost on what all of that means, exactly.

After working with women and helping them start and grow new businesses, and having started some of my own companies, I have learned that in order to set a new business up for success it takes a solid plan, hard work and patience.

The First 52 is a week by week system that will provide you with everything you need to know in a step-by-step action plan to ensure you are on your path to success.

Week 1:      Clarify Your Business Idea
Week 2:      Research & Competitive Analysis
Week 3:      Business Model & Find Your Ideal Client
Week 4:      Social Proof & Testimonials
Week 5:      Mission & Vision Statement
Week 6:      Business Brand Foundation
Week 7:      Goal Setting & Planning
Week 8:      Investing & Organizing Your Time
Week 9:      Purpose & People Plan
Week 10:   Product & Promotion Plan
Week 11:   Profit Plan & Perfect Pitch
Week 12:   Build Authority & Show Your Expertise

Week 13:      Your Business & Personal Brand Identity
Week 14:     Logo & Imagery
Week 15:     Creative Copy & Authentic About Me
Week 16:     WordPress Website Set up
Week 17:     WordPress Walk-through
Week 18:     Branding & Optimizing with Themes & Plugins
Week 19:     Create & Organise with Must-Have Pages
Week 20:     Sidebar, Footer & Cookies
Week 21:     Blogging For Business with The Perfect Post Breakdown
Week 22:     Profit From Your Blog
Week 23:     Yoast & SEO
Week 24:     Content Calendar

Week 25:     Understanding & Choosing Your Platform
Week 26:     Effective Profiles with Audience Clarity & Message
Week 27:     Goal Setting & Building Your Tribe, Find & Follow
Week 28:     Social Media Graphics
Week 29:     Introduction to Facebook
Week 30:     Introduction to Instagram
Week 31:     Introduction to Pinterest
Week 32:     Introduction to Twitter
Week 33:     3 P’s of Social Content
Week 34:     Authenticity & Attraction
Week 35:     Schedulers & Content Calendar
Week 36:     Social Advertising

Week 37:     Lead Magnets & The Power of Printables
Week 38:     Email Marketing
Week 39:     Evergreen & Passive Income
Week 40:     5 Step Sales Funnel
Week 41:     Launch Mindset
Week 42:     Launch Formula
Week 43:     5 Phases of Launch
Week 44:     Before & After Launch
Week 45:     Digital Advertising & Setting Your Budget
Week 46:     Sales Pages & Copy That Converts
Week 47:     Sales Objections & Low Numbers
Week 48:     Selling With Webinars & Facebook Live

Week 49:     Final 4 Wrap-up – Law of attraction, consistency is key.
Week 50:     Final 4 Wrap-up – Proving your authority.
Week 51:     Final 4 Wrap-up – Retaining your community.
Week 52:     Final 4 Wrap-up – Giving back.

Go from feeling stuck, confused and defeated because you don’t know what to do,
to building the business and life of your dreams.

It is time to turn your passion into a thriving business.