8 Fun facts about social media.

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I am a lover of trivia and useless knowledge, actually, let me clarify.  Because no knowledge is useless knowledge, I suppose I am a lover of fun facts. Facts of all kinds.  My family will no longer play any trivia games with me. I am always trying to learn new things, because of this I always win at trivia games.  Since they won’t play with me or care to hear my “Did you know?” ‘s anymore, I have to share my knowledge somehow…

You, my friend, are the lucky recipient of my vast amount of stuff you didn’t think you needed to know. Today’s edition of stuff you didn’t think you needed to know is brought to you by social media.

Working with social media across the board I need to do my research to decide which media platform will best fit my client needs. In my findings, I have found these little tidbits!

** Disclaimer, this information is information I have remembered over time – I am sure the numbers are constantly shifting as social media is always developing.**

I hope you enjoy them and I know they can be used to boost your social media presence!

1. 80% of Pinterest pins are actually repinned. Seriously, not a lot of new content here!
2. The fastest growing demographic on Twitter is the 55-64 year age bracket.
3. 93% of marketers are using social media. However; only 9% of them have full-time bloggers.
4. Despite the fact that you are always hearing about privacy concerns, only 25% of Facebook users actually utilize the privacy settings.
5. Even though it has a lower percentage of users than Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest, LinkedIn has 2 new members join every second.
6. Approximately 46% of web users will look towards social media before making a purchase. – Ahem… this is why you need a cohesive plan!
7. In 2013, Instagram already had more than 16 billion photos uploaded since its debut in 2010 and 5 million photos are uploaded daily.
8. All this information points to social media’s popularity but how popular is it, really? It’s the most popular activity online. Yup. It is even more popular than porn.

There you have it – some shocking information about social media. If number 2 wasn’t shocking enough, #8 had my jaw on the floor!

That there is useful information for an entrepreneur, I can officially say my useless social media knowledge is not so useless, can’t I?

Now, take the vast amount of information you have been given, you know – the 8 things you just read, and use it to help you handle your social media accounts!

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