How goal setting can help in the pursuit of happiness.

the pursuit of happiness
In your pursuit of happiness, you’ve likely focused on all of the obvious things – de-stressing and doing the things you enjoy. However, did you know that setting goals can also contribute to your happiness?

It doesn’t matter what type of goals you’re setting yourself, just the process of goal setting itself has its benefits. Keep reading to discover why goal setting can help in your pursuit of happiness.

Writing Down Goals Helps you Visualize a Better Future

One of the reasons goal setting can help to boost happiness is because it forces you to think of your future in a positive way. Visualizing what you want and how your perfect life looks, will automatically make you feel happier.

It’s short-term happiness, but it does help to get you started in terms of thinking more positively. If you’re stuck in a rut for example, and you’re creating goals to help you out of it, you’re going to find it great to visualize how your life is going to be once you’ve overcome your current situation.

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They Help You See the Progress You’re Making

Of course, it’s not just the setting of the goals which you’ll be focusing on. You’ll also be working towards them, ticking your short-term goals off the list as you go along. This allows you to see consistent progress.

As you see that you’re getting nearer to your goals, it can have a wonderful effect on your happiness. Often, the reason we give in to negative thinking is that we don’t see anything changing. With goal setting, you get to actually see how things are changing and celebrate your progress.

Why it’s Important to Set Goals to Help Others

While personal goals are no doubt important, it’s also important to set goals to help other people. Setting a goal to make somebody smile that day, for example, will really help to boost how you feel.

Studies have been carried out over the years, which have shown those who set goals to help others, are generally happier than those focusing solely on personal goals. So, don’t forget to focus on making others happy too.

Overall, goal setting can really help in the pursuit of happiness. It keeps you focused and helps you actually achieve the things you want in life. Whether it’s relationship goals, financial goals or career goals – they’ll all help you to become a happier, more successful person.

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the pursuit of happiness

the pursuit of happiness

2 thoughts on “How goal setting can help in the pursuit of happiness.

  1. Setting goals is huge, no matter how big or small the goal is. It’s really the only way to establish whether you are making progress. I am still working on how to effectively set goals because I’m always afraid of setting goals that are unattainable. Won’t know until you try, eh?

    1. Exactly, Heather!

      When you set a goal, even if you fail – you are failing higher than where you were when you started!

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