How Your Circle Affects Your Happiness

How Your Circle Affects Your Happiness

Did you know your circle of friends can play a powerful role in your happiness? I like to say we are a reflection of who we surround ourselves with. So, if you’re looking to live a positive, happy life, you’ll want to surround yourself with positive people.

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Our Friends Influence Us More than We Realize

Studies have shown that our friends can influence us more than our family. This controversial finding shows just how important friendship can be. However, how they influence you will depend on what type of friends you have.

If, for example, you find that your circle of friends leaves you feeling stressed or like you’re not good enough, you may need to change them! Negative friendships can be really damaging to your health and happiness. Positive friendships, on the other hand, can motivate you, make you happier and even potentially help you live longer according to some studies. Living longer with great friends equals more girl talk and wine – who doesn’t want that?

The Benefits of Spending Time with Like-Minded Friends

When you spend time with like-minded people, it can have numerous benefits on your health and wellbeing.

They can make you happier than money can, truly. This means, even if you struggle financially, you’ll have your friends to help pick you up. Which is great for your mental health in the long term. Spending time with positive friends helps to ease anxiety and reduce depression.

They will even help you to improve yourself as a person. Positive friends build you up and give you the motivation to become a better person.

Is it Time to Change Your Circle?

Easier said than done, I know, but now you know how your friendships can impact your happiness. Could it be time to change your circle? If you find yourself feeling drained, stressed or unhappy after spending time with your friends then the answer is definitely yes.

You need to surround yourself with positive, happy friends. You should never feel guilty for cutting people out of your life who don’t make you happy. You only get one life to live, so why waste it with friends who make you unhappy? There are so many ways to meet new friends these days – so start by searching for those who share the same interests.

Overall, your circle of friends definitely does have an impact on your happiness. So, if yours aren’t helping you to be a happier, more confident person, now’s the time to find those who will.

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How Your Circle Affects Your Happiness the virtual studio

How Your Circle Affects Your Happiness

How Your Circle Affects Your Happiness

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