Idea to Income Start up System

There has never been a better time than NOW to start your own business.

Never, in all of human history, have women had so much access to technology, resources, knowledge, skills, and customers. To put it simply, there are fewer barriers in front of us than ever before and if you are ready to make a difference, and change history…

Your Time is Now.

You have been wanting to start your own business for a long time now. Dreaming of being your own boss with both financial freedom and the freedom to work where and when you want. The ability to spend more time with your family, take vacations and live your dream life.

The problem is – you have no clue where to start!

…you feel overwhelmed with all the information online.
…the idea of building a website scares you to death.
…you don’t have thousands of dollars to invest.
…you have no marketing experience, except the Farmer’s market, of course.

So – what do you do? What all of us would do – GOOGLE THAT $H!T!

This is where you search the internet for guidance
to come across an overabundance of courses, boot camps, and b-school programs,
promising you thousands of dollars in sales – if you just buy what they are selling.

Start Your Own Business Bundle woman working on laptop drinking tea


…and you realize that you are only allowed access to the first module. If you want to access the remaining content, you have to commit to a major financial purchase.


…that you are also required to sign up and pay a monthly subscription for no less than two other service providers, in order to implement any lessons you’ve taken from the program.

Start Your Own Business Bundle woman drinking tea in her kitchen

Start Your Own Business Bundle


…the person you trusted, purchased from, and thought you were going to be working with is more of a face for the program and not reachable – but you can try and reach out to their team.

You need to know – YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
I know how you feel because I felt the same way for years…
…I have gone through all of the above, so you won’t have to.
Now, I am on a  mission to help others just like you.


You need to know – it is not your fault! 

With all of the confusing and overwhelming information out there, it is hard to sift through it all and figure out where to even begin! Let me tell you, exactly, what to do.

The Idea to Income System is my jump-start program for women looking to follow
their dream of becoming their own boss and leave their 9-5.

In this 90-Day Program, I walk you through big-picture dreaming and planning by helping you create a define your purpose, create a business plan, set goals and build a strategy.

Don’t wait! Join me inside the Executive Suite and follow my 90-Day System to start your business and get you launched!

Once completed, you are going to be goal-oriented, focused, and confident in moving forward with starting your first business!

Idea to Income System. You will be a business owner within 90 days

Download the Success Path PDF to Learn How!

What is the Idea to Income System?

The Idea to Income  System is the most focused, simple, and cohesive blueprint for you to start the perfect business for you and it is only available to members of the Executive Suite. The Idea to Income System and Executive Suite has been designed to provide you a strong business foundation, creating success as quickly and easily as possible. This way you can avoid years of painful trial and error!

I want to help you accomplish your dreams and build a business to support yourself, your family and your dream lifestyle. A business that fulfills your heart, soul and your wallet!

Here’s what to expect when you join…

Getting Started

This quick getting started module is created to set you up for success. Within it is your connection to me, directly. Where you and I will connect each week, multiple times, to ensure you are set up for success to get the full benefit of the program itself.

Phase 1: Idea

This is where it all begins – you are here because you are motivated to start your own business but unsure if your business idea is going to be a successful one. In phase 1, you will be focussing on validating your idea, getting into the right mindset and preparing for your future!

Phase 2: Design

Phase two is where you and I are going to build a strong foundation from which you will build and grow your business. In this phase, you know exactly what you need to do and are ready to get started on the design and planning process for your success.

Phase 3: Serve

You are eager to serve others, in this phase, you will narrow your niche, define your signature product and begin to plan the monetization of your business or service and get it ready to tell the world!

Phase 4: Communicate

In Phase 4, you’re going to get ready to truly communicate with your audience, by growing your email list, blogging to generate traffic, and creating a Social strategy. This is where you start really getting your name out there!

Phase 5: Income

You’ve made it! You are now in the income stage! Now, it is time to focus on boosting your sales skills, create a solid marketing plan, and start generating that passive income so you can start freeing up your time to do other things.

Your Continued Journey…

It’s been 3 months of hard work and it is starting to pay off! We now move forward on your continued journey. With additional courses, programs, sessions it is now time to grow your business and bring in some passive income.

The Idea to Income Program, combined with the special bonuses below is only available for a short time, so do not wait.


Courses & Programs
Move Your Business Forward
  • Getting Started with Instagram
  • Business Budgeting
  • Passive Income Challenge
  • Blogging for business
  • Showcase Your Expertise

Executive Suite Exclusives
Resources For Your Continued Journey
  • Entrepreneur Essentials Library
  • Effective Entrepreneur Courses & Programs
  • Accelerated Working Sessions
  • Goal Setting Group Coaching Sessions
  • Executive Suite Mastermind
  • Ask Me Anything Coaching Conversation
  • Private Members-Only Facebook Community
  • Apply to Be a Guest on the Idea to Income Podcast
  • Access to the Idea to Income System
  • 90 Day Action Planner
  • Accountability Trello Board
  • Create your start-up business plan
  • Create Your WordPress Website
  • Create Your Signature Product
  • Downloads, PDFs & workbooks with course content & action  plans
  • Two 1:1 Coaching Calls with Joelene per Month
  • Virtual networking opportunities
  • Access to Accelerated Working Sessions
  • Group Goal setting Sessions
  • Monthly Mastermind Meetings


Introducing Start Your Own Business Bundle, guarantee

When you pay for a year in full, if you’re not 100% satisfied with The Idea to Income System after 14 days, I will offer you a full refund, scouts honour.

When you opt to join monthly, you will receive the first 14 days FREE and if you are not 100% convinced it is the place for you, cancel and you will not be charged your first month!

You don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good!

Take a full 14 days to explore the materials, do the work, and experience the excitement of starting your own business and THEN… make a decision using the information YOU HAVE, rather than the information you don’t.


To ensure client success, the Idea to Income System is limited to 20 people per enrollment, so do not wait.


Idea to Income System. You will be a business owner within 90 days

The Idea to Income Program, combined with these special bonuses is only available for a short time, so do not wait.

What Others Are Saying About the System

Testimonial for the virtual studio

Joelene came alongside me as I was starting my business. She was very thorough, asking lots of questions in order to get a feel for how I wanted my business to grow.
– Sharon Fung

Testimonial for the virtual studio

Joelene has been an absolute blessing! It has helped me in so many ways, and I look forward to diving straight into my business with a goal-driven mentality with a positive outlook.
-Karina Brown

testimonial for the virtual studio

The Virtual Studio is one of those rare gems you come across once in a blue moon – Joelene is extremely talented, incredibly personable and utterly indispensable. Within days of making her acquaintance, I could not remember how my business, or I, got along without her or The Virtual Studio. – Alexis Murphy

When women entrepreneurs get together, it is amazing to witness and be a part of the learning and growing that happens in the room. With everything we need in the Idea to Income program from social media, blogging, web design – to girl bosses, like myself, is an amazing resource to grow with my business. The best part of the TVS experience was the soul searching and mindset training! Finding my balance and learning to integrate the essential practices into my daily life has changed everything.– Kaycee Nash

If you start your business today – you will…

  • create financial freedom
  • wake up excited to go to work…
  • have more time with your family
  • start living the life of YOUR DREAMS!

Idea to Income System The Idea to Income System

  • Create your start-up business plan
  • Develop and design your brand identity
  • Start your social strategy and get visible
  • Prepare for Productivity
  • Start the conversation, get talking
  • 90 Day Planner
  • 3 Month Access to The Virtual Studio Study Hall
  • Action Plans, Workbooks, Templates
  • Access to Live weekly Training
  • Access to Live weekly Q&A sessions
  • 2021 Editorial Calendar
  • Resource Guides
  • Facebook Community & Support

BONUS: Design and Build Your WordPress Website Masterclass ($197)
BONUS: Business Budgeting Bootcamp ($47)
BONUS: Getting Started with Instagram PDF Planner ($27)
BONUS: The Weekly Newsletter Masterclass ($97)

Frequently Asked Questions

That is up to you – the more you focus and dedication you put into starting your business, the sooner you will generate income and start scaling to a higher level. I recommend a minimum of 1 hour per day to get your business running and generating income within the 90 Days.

If you’re not able to carve out that much time at first, don’t worry. You have lifetime access to the program and can easily work at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Yes. The Idea to Income System is a great tool for new entrepreneurs. So many of us, me included, start our businesses with no direction or goals. Over the 90 days together, I will walk you through big-picture dreaming and planning by helping you create a business plan, define your purpose, set goals and build a strategy to help you grow your current business. Start Your Own Business Bundle

No! All you require is internet access. The Idea to Income System will walk you through creating your business with free programs available to you to use. There are recommendations for a few additional purchases, such as domain and web hosting, but they are not necessary to move forward with your company.

Inside our private Idea to Income group there will be live training sessions weekly and live Q&A sessions weekly, where you will have access to both me and the community directly. You will also have full access to me and my support team via email, with any questions or feedback needed. 

Yes! You have immediate and lifetime access to the entire program and bonuses right away. However; the live group training for the 90-day system training will begin Monday, March 1, 2021.

The Idea to Income System is a single account program. Which means one person per purchase or account. If you’d like to do the program along with your partner, I ask you to purchase the program separately or reach out to me personally to discuss other options.

Take a full 14 days to explore the materials and experience the excitement of starting your own business. If it is not what you expected, show me the work you have completed and tell me why it is not for you and I will offer you a full refund on day 14.


There has never been a better time than NOW to start your business. Never in history have women had so much access to technology, resources, knowledge, skills, and customers.
To put it simply, there are fewer barriers in front of us than ever before.

Age, education, skills, experience, where you live and what knowledge you do or do not have – no longer matter. With access to a computer and an internet connection, you honestly can start a business overnight and open doors the very next day.

With your passion, drive, and hard work you will start your own business and you will live the life of your dreams. Start today because in a year from now you will wish you had.

As Brene Brown says “Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are.”

Join me, and many other women, in changing the business world. Let me help you to make your dreams come true and let’s start your business and change the world together.signature of joelene mills, thank you, idea to income


By the end of the Idea to Income Group Program, you’ll be goal-oriented, focused,
and confident in moving forward in making your first sale!