Inspired Action Mastermind | Now Open for new members!

The concept of a mastermind might be new to some people or even a trendy new business ploy – but it is far from either.  Join Inspired Action Mastermind

The concept of the mastermind was created nearly 75 years ago by Napoleon Hill. Now, if you haven’t heard of Napoleon Hill, I am sure you have heard about his book “Think and Grow Rich”.

This book is where he first mentions the mastermind principle and stated that when you look at the men who have accumulated great fortune and success, you will find they have all employed the Mastermind Principle.

So, what is the mastermind principle?

According to Mr. Hill, it is:

“Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

Simpler put it is where you borrow and use the education, knowledge, experience, and the influence of others to create your own success -and that is what you will find inside the Studio’s Inspired Mastermind!

Inspired action mastermind via the virtual studio with Joelene Mills. meeting with like-minded women with similar goals.

The members of Inspired Action Mastermind motivated to take action and grow their business working from home. They’re committed to sharing their creative ideas and help with common struggles and frustrations you might experience. They are entrepreneurial, inspiring and are an invaluable support system to encourage you to take action and keep going during the tough times.

In Inspired Action Mastermind, we focus on growing your small business online by sharing each other’s expertise, knowledge, and experiences. Popular themes that come up are content creation, creative brainstorming, mind mapping, marketing, mindset, having courage and creating influence…there’s a lot to learn!Inspired action mastermind via the virtual studio with Joelene Mills. You have a board of savvy businesswomen you can rely on.

How does a Mastermind group help new female entrepreneurs?

Simply put, you become inspired to take action, you will grow your business, increase your bottom line, and develop skills as an individual and business leader.

Progress will be accelerated in a more efficient way with a mastermind group of women, than if you were left to go it alone. Google searches can only help so much.

How much does a mastermind group cost?

Mastermind groups vary greatly in price. Some are in the tens of thousands of dollars, and others are more affordable in the thousands and are usually paid monthly for the duration of the mastermind.

I know, from experience, that even the “affordable” masterminds are way out of budget for some and that in the first couple of years in business, every penny counts. I also know that having support is VITAL, especially in today’s world, that’s why for Inspired Action Mastermind I chose to intentionally keep membership accessible at $150per month.

Who is Inspired Action Mastermind for?

This specific mastermind group is for committed women solo entrepreneurs who have the desire to grow their business and increase their bottom line without burning out by trying to figure it out on their own, especially if they are also working the day job.

IA Mastermind group is for women in business who are committed to their success, and the success of other women entrepreneurs, by being open to sharing and brainstorming ideas, knowledge and expertise to inspire and help each other achieve their goals.

Think of this mastermind group as your board of savvy business helping you, cheering you on, lifting you up when you’re having one of those tough days, and sharing the wins when you want to celebrate.

So, if you are considering joining a mastermind, join us inside Inspired Action Mastermind! I can’t wait to start achieving massive success with you!