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Exercise: Describe your dream lifestyle

Exercise: Describe your dream lifestyle; journal which negative money blocks affect you the most and create a more positive belief

My Dream Lifestyle
Ex. Where do you want to live? What type of house? What hobbies? What’s your dream job?

Negative Money Blocks
List the negative money blocks that hold you back.
Ex: Money is the root of all evil

Millionaire Mindset Affirmations
Change those negative thoughts into positive thoughts about money.
Ex: Money will allow me to volunteer and help more people in my community.

What frightens you most about money?

What makes you excited about money?

Dream Big: If money was unlimited, how would your life be different?

Brainstorm Ideas for Earning More Money in Your Business
Ex: more 1:1 clients; group coaching packages; eBook; signature program; mastermind group

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