How to Make Time to Generate Passive Income

Passive Income Challenge Day 24.
Make Time to Generate Passive Income

Whether you work for yourself or a full-time job out of the home, you should be able to make time to generate passive income. To do that, you must get your mindset right in terms of making it important enough to create good habits doing it every single day.

Do Your Work First

When you decide to create a passive income, the best way to schedule your time is to work on the passive income first. However long you’ve managed to put into your calendar, do it before you do anything else. Then it’s done, and you simply move on with your day.

Schedule Everything In

I’ve talked about this before, use a calendar that you’re comfortable with and write in everything that you need to do – from work to leisure. Include time with your family, outings, self-care, and more. Don’t forget to schedule in work and when you’ll do your passive income generation work. When you do this, you’re going to notice how much time you really have. Most people have more time than they think, but they spend hours a day getting distracted and not accomplishing tasks. Not to mention we can easily get sucked into the void that is binge-watching a new show, pinning on Pinterest, or aimlessly scrolling through social media.

Get Up a Little Earlier

If you tend to hit snooze on that alarm or get up at the last moment, start getting up earlier. Get ready for your day then take some time to work on your passive income until it’s time to officially start your day by starting work, waking up the kids, or whatever it may be. Don’t worry, you can eat breakfast, enjoy your coffee, and even listen to the news while you work on that passive income, if you want to.

how to make time to generate passive income, passive income challenge day 24

Give Up TV Time

Like most of the world, you probably watch shows in the evenings and on weekends. You could give these up or limit screen time. We do it for the kids, why not as adults? Alternatively, if you have a laptop, maybe you can try having the TV as white noise while you are working. If it’s something simple, like pinning to Pinterest or creating graphics in Canva. But, if you’re trying to learn something new, it’s best to avoid multitasking.

Limit Social Media Play Time

Social media is wonderful for keeping up with friends and family as well as promoting your products and services. But, you know that sometimes you get on there and just waste time – probably hours. ( I am especially guilty of this.) Many people do. It’s hard not to. The drive to get input is very hard to ignore for most people. Set a time limit with an alarm so that you can do both.

Turn Off Your Phone

It can be hard when you’re dealing with need and having to choose from money now and money tomorrow. But that’s not really what I am suggesting. If you are able to do so, during your scheduled passive income time, turn off your phone. AND flip it upside down, so you don’t see the notifications when they pop up. It will help you focus on the task at hand, undistracted.

It’s all about delayed gratification, remember? At first, it will be hard to really focus and work on generating your passive income, since you won’t be making money and it will take time to see results. Therefore, instead of using money as your guide, set a time you’ll work each week on your passive income generation and then stick to it for a year to create a habit. Before the year is out, you won’t need to force yourself because you’ll start seeing results.

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