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I am here to empower you and help you make a positive impact on the world with a fiery passion! To move you forward with unbridled self-belief, into starting your coaching business and finding business success so you can work less and live more.

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Starting a business is scary, anxiety-inducing and as much as influencers will try to lead you to believe, it isn’t exactly cheap! That is why I have put together the Business Suite for such a low price – because I have been where you are and back then, I couldn’t afford to pay the thousands of dollars that was being asked of me.

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Not sure if the Business Suite is for you? Let’s chat to get you unstuck and moving forward.Work With Joelene

If you’re serious about starting your coaching business and curious about the idea of working with a coach, try a free 30-minute call with Joelene to get an idea of what working with her is all about.

Joelene will answer any and as many questions, you have about your business, and share every idea and resource she’s curated and created as a coach to help solve your problem.

It really is a free personal support session, so there’s no pitch or pressure to commit.