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You’re on the brink of a big business break…

You’ve got a promising idea and enough passion to back it up. You just need to polish off your startup know-how before you make the leap and strike out on your own… Luckily, that’s where I can help!

Here are three easy and quick tips to make your startup a smash hit success…

Can you think of a successful business that doesn’t have an Instagram profile, Facebook page, or blog? Probably not.

Why? You might ask. Well, creating engaging, highly-shareable social media content is key to getting your brand out there. On top of that, it helps establish you as an expert in your field, so potential customers or clients feel that they can trust your products or services!

This tip is an oldie but a goodie… Success isn’t about what you do as much as who you know. When you invest time not only in meeting entrepreneurs from your industry but also in going above and beyond to help them, you’re building a support system. While competition certainly has its place, camaraderie can go even further in ensuring your business stays afloat.

You’re more likely to buy from a friend than a business, but, luckily, your brand can *and should* be both.

This comes down to a few things… First, make sure your product or service aligns with your message. On top of that, use consistent messaging across all social media platforms and that you know your ideal customer or client like the back of your hand! This’ll let them know that they mean more than you than just another sale.

“Who’s the entrepreneur behind all these business tips?” I’m glad you asked…

meet your mentor joelene mills

Hello, there 👋 I’m Joelene Mills, founder of The Virtual Studio. No matter how far you are down the path of entrepreneurship, I’m here to help!

Your entrepreneurial dreams can 100% be a reality – but, let me tell you, it’s so easy to get discouraged when you’re starting out.

How do I know? Well, I’ve been there, too.

After 15 years as an entrepreneur, I decided to slow down and stepped back due to burnout. Even though my business was still going, I knew my income would plummet so, I joined the corporate world and built a corporate career – 5 years later, I decided to get back into the driver’s seat of my own business. At first, I thought it’d be a walk in the park…I mean, I still had my first company up and running – that is 20 years as an entrepreneur! I knew what I was doing…starting a second one will be easy peasy!

BUT it turned out there were a whole lot of unexpected roadblocks.

With time and dedication, I was able to launch my coaching programs, which were quickly picked-up by entrepreneurs across the country. Now it’s your turn to experience that same level of success!

Sign up for access to a long list of entrepreneur essentials that I have curated for you. I’ve been creating resources, guides, courses, and checklists for more than 3 years and now you can get unlimited access to all of these essential tools. Once you sign up for a free membership, you will find, the resources you need to start and grow your business.

  • 90 Day Goal Setting Planner
  • Brand Clarity & Design Bootcamp
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All that and more, plus, an ever-growing collection of resources to help you grow your business and achieve success!

Reach out to me directly by booking a Personal Support Session.  I am happy to all to you about your business struggles and next steps! I will answer as many questions, you have about your business and share every idea and resource I have curated as a coach to help solve your problem.

It really is a free personal support session, with no pitch and no pressure to commit to anything. I am here to help you move forward with your business!

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