Reviews and Tutorials Work Well as Passive Income Generators

Passive Income Challenge Day 10.
Reviews and Tutorials

One fun and lucrative way to add passive income to your business is to do product reviews, even film reviews, and tutorials. You can write them, take pictures, screenshots, and even do a demo with a video on some products. Then link to every product you used to make that demo. So, if you demonstrated a blender, you’d link to the blender – but you can also link to the ingredients in the recipe you used. (using affiliate links, of course!)

When you write any type of review, it’s best to follow certain guidelines to ensure that you rank well for good keywords, encourage sharing by viewers, and make the affiliate links less noticeable by creating pretty links and linking to them within the content that you want to monetize. The possibilities with reviews and tutorials are endless.

Understand What You’re Reviewing

You can’t review anything if you’ve not used it for yourself for a while. Your lack of knowledge will become apparent in your review if you do that. Instead, use the product, watch the movie, use the service and then when you really understand it, the good and the bad, then you’re ready to start creating your review.

Know What the Audience Searches

When you decide to write the review, you need to know what the audience is searching for. They may not be searing for the name of the product. They may be searching for the results of the product. For example, with a movie review, they may know the title and want to see what you think, but they also might be looking up “Best Scary Movies” instead. You need to know the audience enough to get this right.

Take Notes During Your Use

When you’re using the product, especially if you know you’re going to want to do a review of it, take notes. When an issue comes up, write it down. When something really pleases you, write it down. Did you have to contact customer service? Did you have to look up some extra information to understand the movie? All of that is important information for your review.

woman at her desk doing the 30 day passive income challenge day 11 reviews and tutorials

Get Out Your Camera

Now, you can’t take a picture of the movie or show if that is what you are reviewing. But if it’s a product or service, there may be ways to take pictures of it that help you explain your review better. You may need to do a screenshot for a digital product, and for a physical product, you may want to take pictures and video. This is going to make your review much better. Even for a movie, you could take a picture of yourself and your friends in front of the movie sign to make it more personal.

Determine the Story You’ll Tell

Everyone loves stories and writing a review doesn’t have to be a boring ‘this, then, that’ event. It can be a story. It can involve you explaining why you wanted to try it, why you like it, (or don’t like it), what could be better, and so forth while relating it to your life and your business, if relevant. Tell the story in a new way instead of being too technical about it so that people want to read it – but cover the techie details too.

Use a Lot of Detail

A product review is a time that you can use all those flowery words your English teacher told you not to use. You want your audience to feel as if they’re experiencing the product with you. Explain the fine details to them. Compare and contrast to other products, services, movies, songs, etc.… this is going to help your audience understand what it’s like to view or use this one. Always use complete sentences using a lot of descriptive words in your reviews so that the words flow.

If possible after the review, offer your audience a discount, a bonus, or something special if they order or use this product. Link to the product within the text of the review but also link to it under the review so that they have ample opportunity to get the product and use it.

 Reviews and Tutorials

Reviews and Tutorials