Passive Income Ideas for Service Providers

Passive Income Challenge Day 13.
Passive Income Ideas for Service Providers

If you’re a service provider, such as a virtual assistant, graphic designer, or even a life coach, there are many ways you can add to your income by creating passive income. Passive income is the best way for you to create more income without having to take on another client. This will give you a lot more leverage to only take the clients you really want to take. Let’s look at some passive income ideas for service providers that you can implement practically right away.

Create a Resources Page

I have probably said this a hundred times but…what resources do you use and love? More than likely, they have an affiliate program enabling you to link to them on a resource page and if someone clicks that link and buys then you’ll get a percentage of sales.

Your resource page can also be products and services that you know your clients will like even if you don’t use them. If your client is going to use them, and you know how to use them and specialize in that software, then you should recommend it with an affiliate link to your clients.

Write a Short Course

Lots of people want to learn how to do what you have to teach. It doesn’t mean they’re not still going to hire you, but why not make some extra money teaching others to do what you do? If you’re good at social media marketing, why not write a course on social media marketing. Keep it simple, about three parts, 10 to 15 minutes each, with a workbook and charge about $47 dollars for it. You can host this on your own site or use a site like to host it.

day 13 passive income challenge, passive income ideas for service providers

Write an eBook

Just like you can write a course about what you do, you can also write it in eBook form. The eBook can be a “How to Rock Your Social Media Marketing” based on your years of experience rocking other people’s social media marketing. You can use case studies, examples of the success you’ve had using your methods, and more. What’s more is most of your clients, when asked, will be thrilled to be part of the book.

Recommend Complementary Products with Affiliate Programs

Each time you get a new client, there is an opportunity to make extra money from services and software. For example, let’s say that you’re a Virtual Assistant specializing in customer service. You don’t use customer service software yourself, but you know which software your clients should use, recommend that to each new client and set them up. This is true in almost any service niche. Another example is if you’re a Web Designer or a WordPress Template Bender, you can recommend your favourite hosting, themes, and plugins and make money on the back end from that.

Make a list of all the software you use; your clients use and pick from those based on if you really love them or not and if they have an affiliate program or not. Sometimes you may still love something that doesn’t have an affiliate program, and you can still recommend it, but why not make extra money when you get your clients to use something?

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Passive Income Ideas for Service Providers