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So, what exactly is a side hustle? I am sure you are seeing the term all over social media and I am willing to bet you know someone who is doing it. A side hustle is a way to make some extra cash that allows you the flexibility to pursue your true passion. I could also be how you are following that passion – a chance to jump into photography, fashion, or whatever it is you care about the most, without quitting your day job. Hense the term side hustle.

More and more women are turning that side hustle into their careers, and it is amazing to witness. Most just start out by doing a little bit to start – when the kids are in bed, in the morning before they go to work, or on weekends. Over a time the little side project starts earning enough money to become a full-time career and so – jumping in is naturally the next step!

starting your side hustle

If you are looking at getting started with a simple side hustle, here are a few tips to help get you going.

Determine your focus.

First, determine what it is you want to focus on. What skill sets do you have that you are passionate about and can get you started as soon as possible? Photography, writing, event planning, project manager, dog walker, tech support? In short, it is finally time to decide what you want to be when you “grow up”.

The idea is to choose something you have some experience with, this way you can get started right away. However; do not let lack of experience stop you. If you are truly passionate about something, I am willing to bet you are already knowledgeable enough to get started.

Test your market.

Second, test your market. Do some market research, is there a need for what you want to provide? Is there a problem out there that you and only you can solve? Talk to family and co-workers, another way is to get social. By using social media you can get feedback on the product or services you want to provide.

Go for it!

Now you know you have the skills, the audience and the motivation to get going, so GET GOING! It is time to set a goal and start with a plan. Jumping in feet first is always fun, but can be full of regret. Sit down and create a simple business plan, this is important because you do not want to start a business you do not love. So ask yourself these simple questions and create an easy “just for you” business plan – and started.

start your side hustle


  • What is motivating you to start your own business?
  • What problems will you help others solve with your business?
  • What impact do you want to make?
  • What is different about you or your product that will make your business a success?
  • What is your business and personal mission?

Now you have the idea, the target audience, and the plan so what are you waiting for?

Your side hustle is now within reach and it is time to get started! There has never been a better time than NOW to start your own business. So join us inside the Idea to Income Group Coaching Program!


To ensure client success, the Idea to Income System is limited to 15 people per enrollment, so do not wait.


Idea to Income System. You will be a business owner within 90 days. Start that side hustle

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Start That Side Hustle!



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