5 Small Tweaks Will Make a Difference

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Passive Income Challenge Day 29.
Small Tweaks Make a Difference

Once you get started with your passive income goals, as you learn more, you’ll start to improve. You can improve sales pages, titles, headlines, and more based on your experience. There are so many things that you can improve once you get started as you see a need for improvement or if you just learn something new that you want to try. These small tweaks and improvements will pay off in the long run.

Change Your Sales Page

Occasionally, you’ll want to tweak your sales pages to make them better. You can tell when the time is right when sales start dying off on an evergreen product even if you’re promoting it the same way. Change a headline, change the pictures, use a different theme, or do something different for the sales page that makes it look more up to date.

Improve Your Opt-in Forms

This is especially important if you started off using Aweber forms or otherwise unattractive forms. Those forms are great, and nothing is wrong with using them, but you can always do better. Flodesk Forms – and other paid forms are easy to edit to match your brand, look more modern attractive to the user and get more response.

Search for Better Affiliate Offers

Take some time each week to search for new and improved affiliate programs that look like they may convert better than the ones you’re currently using. When you find new programs, start marketing them right away, so you can test them out. Remember: if you’re not familiar with the creator, you may want to try out the product too.

Small tweaks make a big difference to your passive income, passive income challenge day 29

Work on Your Email Autoresponder Sequence

You can always improve your autoresponder sequence emails. Add some to each funnel, change some of the subject lines, add in new affiliate offers, and just freshen up the copy so that nothing is old in the messages. For example, you don’t want to be promoting a product that is no longer being sold.

Fix Your Headlines, Subject Lines, and Titles

As you learn, you’ll start to get a better understanding of the types of subject lines, headlines, and titles that your audience responds to. It’s okay to go back and try out new ones. You can run split tests to find out which one works best too. A split test essentially involves duplicating the thing you want to improve, changing one thing, and then running them live against each other.

These types of improvements can be made in just a short time and shouldn’t take a lot of time. You don’t want to get yourself into a perfectionist mindset and never get anything done. Instead, you want to get it up so that it can start producing your income now and then make little tweaks and improvements as you go and as you learn more and can afford the better technology.

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