Delayed Gratification – How to Stay Motivated

Passive Income Challenge Day 19.
How to Stay Motivated.

Working on passive income doesn’t feel very passive at the time you’re first starting. In fact, it can feel a lot like working for free. That’s partially why very few people succeed. It’s not because it doesn’t work – it does work. If you work a couple of hours a week on your passive income generation, in a year you will see results and at that time it’ll be super easy to get the motivation to keep doing it. But, right now when you’re first starting it’s all about delayed gratification.

Here are a few ways to stay motivated:

Find Your Tribe

You need others around you who are doing what you want to do. Don’t look at them as your competitors, look at them as people you can collaborate with and learn from. There are numerous groups that you can join on Facebook, as well as paid Mastermind groups that are focused on passive income generation.

Get a Coach or Mentor

There are numerous coaches who love to help and encourage people to build their passive income empire. Find a coach who has done it. Don’t work with someone who doesn’t have a good reputation and proof of their success in producing passive income.

Intern with Someone Successful

If you cannot afford a coach you can roll up your sleeves and put in some sweat equity to learn. Find someone that you admire who works in a complementary niche as you want to work in. Then approach them and ask them if you can help them with their work so that you can learn. Tell them how many hours a week you can devote and for how long and then stick to it.

Don’t Overwork Yourself

One risk outside of lack of motivation is the risk of overworking yourself trying to build passive income. It’s understandable that you want it to start generating income now, but you also have a life to live right now. Don’t forget that.

Stay Motivatedpassive in day 19, how to stay motivated

Schedule Everything In

Get out your trusty calendar and put in everything you have to do for yourself, your family, and your clients. Look for space to add your passive income ideas. Add that in. That way you know it’s inked in and you need to do it, but that also includes date night with the spouse, storytime with your child, and even your monthly massage.

Know Your Why

If you have ever taken one of my courses, you know I am big on knowing your why. One way to stay motivated is to look at why you’re doing this. Often people have more reasons than just making money. It’s to give a better life to their kids. It’s to gain more time freedom for themselves. Think of your why every day. Put a quote where you can see it that reminds you of your why.

Follow Successful People

Find some successful people such as affiliate marketers and known “super affiliates” who are experts at producing passive income and follow them. Join their lists. See how they do things and use this as motivation for your own.

Celebrate Your Successes

Even if you make an extra dollar due to your passive income activity, take time to be thankful and celebrate. Anytime you create a new landing page, a freebie, set up an autoresponder – take the time to celebrate your accomplishments. This is really a fun thing to do.

The truth of the matter is, passive income will pay off. If you do a little every week with a goal in mind, within a year you’ll start seeing the results of your labour. I know, it can be hard to do that sometimes but consider the fact that a year is going to pass anyway. No matter what you do, a year will pass. You may as well work on your passive income ideas a little at a time. A year from now you might even be relaxing on the beach while raking in the dough, but if you don’t do it, you absolutely won’t be on that beach.