How to support other women in business!

Do you support other women in business? Do you know how you can, even if you are not an entrepreneur?

Supporting someone doesn’t mean you have to make a huge commitment on your end. A support group does not necessarily need to be made up of the people you know, it can also come from complete strangers.

Here are four different types of support you can provide, when think you can lend a helping hand — big or small.

Emotional Support

Starting a business is not easy, for anyone. It comes with stress, anxiety, and loneliness to name a few things. Emotional support is important, it makes a big difference in someone’s life when they know others will have her back and be her shoulder to cry on.

Instrumental Support

When you are providing instrumental support it will involve taking care of another’s urgent and immediate needs. This can be as simple as stepping out to grab her lunch, or as big as investing in her business. Both are equally important.

Informational Support

Being able to provide non-judgmental guidance, advice, or mentorship, without expecting a return. This type of support is especially needed from those who have been there and done that, and have a long-time thriving business and can impart wisdom.

Accountability support

I love having an accountability partner, an outside point of view and a person to hold me accountable for my goals. Can you be that person for someone? Providing a gentle push forward, and remind them to stay on track and are capable of moving forward and finding success?

Even if your business has nothing to do with the woman’s business you’re supporting, I am willing to bet you are able to fill the void of one of the above to support another woman in business!

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Support Other Women In Business