Masterclasses & Courses

The masterclasses give you the ability to dive into the program that will help you and your coaching business the most right now, without monthly commitments. While the planners, workbooks, and organization tools help you stay organized and stay focused on one day at a time.

BONUS: Certain masterclasses come with a Trello Accountability board, where you can be sure not to miss a single step and be able to privately reach out to me for guidance.

Woman looking happy. 5 steps to greater happiness in life and business masterclass with joelene mills

5 Steps to Greater Happiness in Life and Business

The truth is, you deserve to be happy and run a business full of happy clients. Learn how with this free Masterclass.

Discover Your Purpose


Coaching Business Start-up Strategy

On-demand and in-depth training on how to create, design, and launch your coaching business.
1,000 foot view of the ocean

1,000 Foot View

Review your business from a higher and new perspective.

Business Budgeting

This Masterclass includes a 20-Page workbook, so you can take control of your finances. It is time for you to plan beyond the spreadsheet!
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